Mop-Up crew

This a painting I did as part of the wildfire series. Interesting to paint as I used just two colors for my palette so I could try and capture the "moonscape" that happens after a burn. Cad red orange and windsor blue. I wanted to use complimentary colors as I could paint those beautiful nuetrals and rich darks. Love nuetrals!

Painting light

Thought I'd share this as I was coming out of my control phase and getting looser and really appreciating the illusion of what watercolor can do. In my view you only have to paint half a painting and let the watercolor do the rest. Makes you a better painter! I've found that the biggest cause for failure is try to do too much.

Ink & watercolor

Love black & white art, photography as you get to see all the values. As I said before I'm a shape and value guy. This painting was started with waterproof india ink painted with a stick and a sponge brush. You have so many options after that when you paint transparent watercolor over it.

Less is more... more or less

Just getting back to basics and using only those elements that are necessary to make your vision come off. What I liked best when deciding to paint Malibu Pier was the over hanging branch. It just fit so perfectly to frame the pier. Understated because it was somewhat of a marine layer and to me that just added to the painting. Hope you have fun painting less...

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