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Realistic Abstract Landscapes

“Abstract art is art that doesn't have a definable focus. It is art that exists through patterns, colors, texture and line without the need for an external motivation. Realistic art consists of art that aims to replicate nature. When these two elements combine to create an abstract impression of real life, you get abstract realism”. eHow by Steven J Miller

Abstract realism. Realistic abstraction is a perfect style to let watercolor paint itself using many watercolor techniques. You’ll find out how much or how little you have to paint to make your vision come off. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that less painting and more collaboration with the medium will result in exciting and emotionally satisfying art. Capturing the essence by letting watercolor paint itself. The challenge is to know when to stop and let the medium take over and that’s why the most successful paintings seem almost effortless.

This path will show you a sense of spontaneous freedom that will free you from just copying reality. My passion is to paint just enough to let the viewer finish the painting to make it theirs. If I can somehow achieve that consistently I’ve accomplished my goal.

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