What happened to Summer?

Seems like it was just Spring... What happened? When you're busy time does seem to speed up so if you can find the time to paint just do it. Anything will do even this quick little Fall study. Fun to paint and more fun when every once in a while you get something you like...

Day Is Done

Have a guy in one of my classes that is an absolute boat nut so I tried to capture the end of day when all is quiet. Off shore fog is starting to roll in and time to tell fish stories and relax. Started we-in-wet and then defined the scene with mid-tones and darks.

Surfers Dream

I've posted this on Facebook before but not on this blog so thought I'd do it now. Second in my "Dream" series that incoporates painting in a related shape. Lots of fun to design but not easy to combine the two into one cohesive image. Design is everything...

Having fun with YUPO

Having put this off for quite sometime I finally decided to give YUPO a try. It's very interesting to paint on after years of painting on cold press. I liked the effect of direct found edge shapes with the organic effect of painting on the synthetic media. Color seems to sing as it's always on the surface. Try it!

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